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Ayerbe Plantas Industriales de Secado S.L. (APISA) was founded in 1967 by Rafael Ayerbe Santolaria. At that time, the sole activity of the company was dedicated to the sale of different products for agriculture and cattle farming including cultivators, self-propelled mowers, power saws, etc.

In the early Seventies (1972) and in collaboration with the French brand of LAW, the company expanded its market into the grain drying sector and small fodder factories.

In the 1980’s there was a large increase in land irrigation in Spain leading to significant growth in the agricultural sector. Recognizing this sector growth, APISA enlarged its market and established itself as the leading company in the corn drying sector, with the most modern systems of column dryers, using semi-saturated air recovery systems, and incorporating electronic control systems for the processes.

At the beginning of this time of expansion, APISA already had a well-established manufacturing capacity, and it had formed on site assembly teams and trained staff in after sales service, creating an integrated company structure.

At the end of the 1980’s, with an experienced workforce and a high level of technical and manufacturing expertise APISA expanded its activities to include the manufacture and installation of other drying systems, including sunflower seed, rice and alfalfa. For the latter, APISA developed the “Lacoutoure” drying technology which had been extensively used in alfalfa, citrus and grape residues drying using rotary drum technology.

In 1992, the founder of the company, Rafael Ayerbe Santolaria died, and the management of the company passed to his two sons, Rafael and Juan Jose
The introduction of the TROMEL rotary dryer marked the starting point, from which it has been possible to develop other machines which address the constantly changing demands of the market.

The solutions provided in the 1990’s to alfalfa drying produced a reorientation in the fodder sector towards long fibers suiting the more practical and versatile plant manufactured by APISA.
As a result of APISA’s steady development policy, it has become the leading company in the fodder dehydration market in Spain, and it has extended into other industrial sectors including waste recovery.

From the year 2000, APISA became international as a result of providing several drying installations in different countries such as Portugal, Romania, Russia, Italy, Morocco, and China
Currently, together with the production of cereal and fodder drying plant, APISA is increasingly involved in the recovery of waste and transforming agriculture products into biofuel.
APISA is located in Yéqueda (Huesca), on a 10,000 sq.m site incorporating 3,700 sq.m of office and manufacturing facilities. Currently, the company has 35 employees divided between the different departments of the company.

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