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Drying and recovery of wastes:

Based upon the technology used in cereal drying and fodder dehydration, APISA has developed a specific technology which is environmentally friendly.

APISA makes and installs drying plant in the following fields:

• Forest biomass and wood industry waste
• Cattle waste as liquid manure, sewage sludge and chicken manure
• Byproducts such as grape and olive residues
• Food industry waste

The dryers used for these sectors are the rotary dryer “Drum”.

Rotary dryers:

These dryers consist basically of a single, rotating, cylindrical, horizontal drum into which is introduced both the product to be dried and the hot air at high temperature (from 200ºC to 800ºC).

Depending on the use of the hot air (thermal fluid) there are two possibilities: direct and indirect drying

Direct drying uses hot air from any source of heat emission (gas burners, fuel, diesel fuel, biomass, engine exhaust gas from cogeneration, etc.) introduced directly to the drum.

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