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APISA has identified two new sectors in the agricultural industry which have the potential to increase the exploitation of land use and add value to farm products.

The development of installations for oil extraction for industrial use (BIODIESEL) and small fodder factories using disc mills and electronic dosage of raw materials are two areas where APISA has developed innovative solutions maintaining its policy of continuous development.


The production of BIODIESEL is discussed more and more in both Spain and the European Union. The combination of sustainable agriculture, ecology and energy production is very attractive, but it seems to be a large scale activity only within the reach of big multi-nationals only. APISA can offer equipment for hot and cold pressing for oil extraction to smaller producers for subsequent refining within a Biodiesel plant while the cake residue can be used in fodder manufacture APISA can offer hot and cold pressing plant for oil pressing for oil extraction, for subsequent refining within a BIODIESEL plant while the cake residue can be used in fodder manufacture.
Currently, in Spain there are already several plants producing biodiesel some of which, are not working at full capacity due to the lack of raw materials, However this need not to be the case as there are many areas in Spain which can be developed to produce the raw materials. It is essential that Spain develops this sector to match production levels achieved in other EU countries.


Within Europe, the core production area for biodiesel comprises Austria, Germany, Czech Republic. In the latter the majority of the cultivated land is planted with colza and in every village and building, they are producing their own oil, which they refine into biodiesel or sell as a raw material to other bigger production plants.


In Spain the sector development depends on the growth of oilseed cultivation, together with importing oilseed to supply existing and future plants.


APISA’s contribution to this new field builds on its existing area of expertise in the vegetable oil production sector which uses seeds from colza, soya and sunflower, together with other suitable oilseeds.
The installations APISA will offer will be based on the most widely used technology in the Central European area. Cold pressing will be a two stage process using screw presses supplied by the Czech manufacturer FARMET which have a proven record of quality, efficiency and reliability over the last 15 years.
The entire installation will be carried out by APISA adapting the new equipment to suit existing plant (if there are any) for the reception, cleaning, drying and storage of the grain.


APISA can offer presses and parts from a small press of 1,1 Kw for small capacities up to complete installations based on double pressing by hot or cold pressing techniques for a production of 60.000 m.t./year.
There is also a range of fodder extruders which are competitively priced.

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