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The recovery of dust particles from exhaust gases is vitally important for every industry to avoid pollution problems and increase the performance on its processes.

APISA manufactures and installs 3 different types of filters:


Bag filters remove the solid particles by extracting the air flow and passing it through a filter fabric
Bag filters are able to remove large amounts of particles resulting from industrial processes retaining the particles as a solid cake which is collected in a hopper. The filter bags are self-cleaning.


The cyclone is the key component in separating solid particles in the air stream. Simply constructed, without any moving parts, it uses centrifugal force to increase particle velocity resulting in a very efficient separation process.


The self-cleaning metal mesh particle filter is another patented product by APISA, used in pollution control. With a straightforward design, it is easily installed and has low maintenance costs and a high recovery of solid particles from the air stream. The air goes through a stainless steel mesh, which retains the impurities which are vacuumed away by a continuously rotating nozzle. The impurities are then extracted through a rotary valve, using a high-performance cyclone. It can be processed volumes up to 500.000 m3/h with a single filtering screen.


The system is simple to install and can be incorporated into either a pipeline or the air exhaust from a fan. The particles are collected by drawing the air through a small-diameter pipeline which can be connected to any part of the installation.
The systems operation is based on the radial scatter of particles with peripheral collection through a low flow suction fan

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